Cooperative Institute for Alaska Research

Linked Proposals

Linked proposals are proposals that are in response to a (NOAA) request for proposal (RFP). They will not be routed through the CIFAR cooperative agreement, but it will allow the requesting PI to utilize CIFAR's negotiated FY08 indirect cost rates. The proposal would not include a request for CIFAR's Task 1 recovery fee.

Proposals submitted to NOAA competitive calls that follow any of our three themes may be 'linked' to CIFAR. A linked proposal will be submitted through the PI's department The project, if awarded, will be awarded directly to the PI's department, not as an amendment through CIFAR. The proposal would be submitted using CIFAR's reduced F&A rate; the research rate is 45.1%. The PI is responsible for submitting all reports to NOAA, as instructed, and providing a copy to CIFAR. CIFAR will attach a copy of the annual and final report as an appendix to its annual report to NOAA.

A CIFAR cover letter will be generated by Sarah Garcia for all approved 'linked' proposals. The cover letter will need to be included in your proposal application packet. A cover letter template can be viewed here. Please contact Uma Bhatt if you are interested in linking a (NOAA) proposal through CIFAR